Visual quality control of products and components

To check the visible quality features of a product, the test method of Automatic Optical Inspection, AOI for short, is especially suitable. With the help of image processing systems, errors in production are found and reported.

Possible tests:

  • Component measurement 2D, 3D (dimensions, contour, distances, drillings)
  • Surface inspection (scratches, inclusions, deformations, etc.)
  • Position control 2D, 3D (torsion, tilting)
  • Placement control
  • Color control (color value)
  • OCR character recognition
  • Code verification (ISO/IEC 29158)
  • etc.

Use cases

Inclusions in castings

Detection of blowholes

Fully automated

3D container inspection

360° completeness control

Weld seam inspection

RAIM rendering concept

Test for

Plastic injection
melting defect

melting defect detector, detect melting defect

Automated optical

PCB inspection

Quality assurance in industrial automation

Efficient and high-quality: We offer you innovative systems for modern and reliable quality assurance in industrial automation. This means that errors are eliminated before they start costing money. In production, before further processing – and above all, before contact with the customer.

Customized and functional: we provide the individual basis for peak digital performance. Function-specific design, cost-efficient implementation, easy to use in everyday production. For quality assurance that is not only impressive in theory – but also in ongoing operation. We offer:

  • Smart cameras
  • Infrared solutions
  • PC-based multi-camera systems
  • 3D systems, etc.
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