Detection of melt defects in transparent plastic injection molded parts

Dark inclusions in plastic injection molded parts are a annoying, time-consuming and expensive problem. Also for this challenge we were able to find a reliable solution for defect sizes up to min. 0,1mm² develop.

8 exposures are taken per component. The cycle time is 25 seconds.

Test sequence:

  • The cobot inserts the component in a predefined position (holding nest) on a glass turntable in the CUBE and presses the start button.
  • After the lift door has been closed automatically, the DUT is rotated into the camera.
  • There are two camera systems for image capture.
  • 4 lateral image shots and one shot from above are taken (each with backlight).
  • Each image is checked for dark inclusions.
  • If there are no inclusions, the test status is OK, otherwise the status is NOK.
  • The result is transferred to the robot control. In addition, the result is signaled with green (OK) or red (NOK) light.

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