E-motor test benches

Reliable and efficient testing of electric motors with test benches from AUTFORCE

Testing and optimization of electric motors with test benches from AUTFORCE

Electromobility is revolutionizing the way we get around. Electric motors are at the heart of this groundbreaking change.

The growing importance of electromobility requires not only high-performance electric motors, but also comprehensive testing to ensure the highest quality standards. Electric motors are crucial for the efficiency and reliability of electric vehicles. A thorough inspection not only ensures optimum engine performance, but also passenger safety and reduced downtime.

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Ensure the quality standards of electric motors with an electric motor test bench by AUTFORCE.
E-motor test station for checking insulation resistance, phase resistance, temperature sensor, HV interlock, direction of rotation, resolver, back EMF, drag torque and insulation.

Example of an e-motor test bench

  • Component pick-up by crane: The electric motor to be tested is placed in the test bench using a crane. At the same time, another motor can be prepared by the operator on a separate test object holder (set-up plate).
  • Test duration: approx. 5 minutes per test object
  • Quick exchange of test objects: Our electric motor test benches are characterized by uncomplicated and time-saving test object adaptation, which optimizes the entire test sequence. They are attached using an intelligent flange mechanism to which the test objects can be effortlessly attached. By attaching a plate to the flange, the test object automatically adjusts as soon as it is inserted. This innovative solution minimizes manual effort.
  • Prices & delivery times: Our transparent price structure starts from €250,000 and includes both the test bench and the software and depends on the desired test cases. Delivery times depend heavily on the specific features of your chosen measuring device. Our dedicated team works to offer you maximum planning security. Delivery times range between 25 and 52 weeks.
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Your benefits

Quick error detection

Reduced costs

A key advantage of our solution is the early identification of defects. You can be sure that potential defects or quality deviations will be detected in the early stages. This not only enables an immediate response and correction, but also leads to considerable cost savings.

Increased productivity

Optimized production

Our solution enables comprehensive process optimization. You have the opportunity to continuously improve the inspection process and make it more efficient. The intelligent linking of test results with other production data creates a comprehensive database. You can make well-founded decisions based not only on individual data, but rather on a holistic analysis.

Everything at a glance with our test bench software autfactory

Easily configurable test sequence
The test sequence can be adapted with our autfactory without any programming effort. The flexibility of our software allows you to customize the testing process without having to rely on complex programming skills. This results in a smooth and efficient process that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Connection with other production data
Our autfactory makes it possible to link the test results directly with production parameters. This not only creates transparency, but also provides valuable insights into potential returns. By analyzing related production data, patterns can be identified, causes of errors determined and preventive measures taken. This intelligent linking of information helps to increase the overall efficiency of your production and minimize downtimes.

Find out more about our autfactory test bench software.

Which features are tested with our test benches?

Insulation resistance

This test ensures that the insulation of the electric motor’s electrical components is intact. This ensures that no unwanted leakage currents occur. This helps to identify possible electrical malfunctions and safety risks.

Phase resistance

Our test benches measure the resistance (4-wire technology) in the various phases of the motor to ensure that it corresponds to the specified values. Deviations could indicate problems with the windings or other electrical components.

Temperature sensor:

This test ensures that the temperature sensors (NTC) in the electric motor function properly and transmit their data reliably. This is crucial to prevent the motor from overheating, which could affect the service life and efficiency of the motor.


The HV interlock test ensures that the electric motor reacts correctly to possible short circuits in the high-voltage. This is crucial to prevent accidents or damage to other systems.

Rotating direction

The rotational direction detection ensures that the electric motor turns in the desired direction.


The resolver test checks the functionality of the resolver sensors that are used to determine the exact position of the motor and control it.

Back EMF

The back EMF test determines the electromotive force (EMF) generated in an electric motor when it is operating as a generator. This is important for evaluating the efficiency and performance of the motor.

Drag torque

The drag torque measurement records the torque required to overcome the internal resistive torques (friction coefficients of the bearings, inertia of the rotor) of the electric motor.


The insulation test checks the electrical isolation between various parts of the motor and the environment. This is crucial to avoid short circuits and safety risks.

Test sequence of our electric motor test bench

Diagram of an e-motor testing sequence

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