Sorting plants and testing plants

ADAM - Automatic Detection Analytics Machine

ADAM – Automatic Detection Analytics Machine

ADAM, our sorting plant & testing plant, is our solution for optimizing production processes and quality control.

The result: increased productivity and quality improvements. Our plant not only impresses with its performance, but also with its simple integration and operability, which optimizes your existing production lines and relieves employees.

Increased performance through deep learning
Our system continuously collects data during operation. This data is used to train the AI. This means that not only existing patterns are recognized, but also new shape deviations and quality features can be detected. The basis for this is a comprehensive image database.

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Optical sorting plant and testing plant

Reference project: € 150.000,-

Possible tests

Optical inspections

  • 2D and 3D component measurement
  • Surface inspection
  • 2D and 3D stock control
  • Placement control
  • Color control (color value)
  • OCR text recognition & code verification
  • etc.

Electrical tests

  • High-voltage testing (HV testing)
  • Dielectric strength and insulation resistance test
  • Breakdown capability of the assemblies
  • etc.

Physical tests

  • Leak testing
  • Force-displacement measurement
  • Vibration analysis
  • etc.

Ready for tomorrow – fit for the future

Our testing and sorting system is characterized by a modular design that offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications and components. This allows you to efficiently inspect and sort different products, from plastic parts and metal parts to precision parts, without having to make time-consuming adjustments.

Modular sorting system and testing plant for quality control of plastic parts, metal parts, precision parts.
  • Quick-change gripper system: For quick changeover between different grippers so that a wide range of products can be handled efficiently.
  • Robot system: Choose between different handling systems to find the best solution for your requirements.
  • Component loading: The components can be fed into the plant using different variants. (storage bunker, trays, etc.)
  • Storage: Efficient sorting and classification of your products for optimal further processing.
  • Camera system: Our plug & play camera system enables quick and easy changeover to adapt to varying inspection requirements. (Alternatively: other test methods are possible)
  • Lighting: RGB lighting, the color of which can be easily defined in the program to ensure optimum visual conditions for the test processes.
  • Autfactory software: data tracking and evaluation,
  • (AI, Deep Learning – available optionally)

Precision in the process: our innovative solution for testing and sorting bulk goods

In the first step, the components are fed manually or automatically into the storage bunker. The automated inspection process is started after successful feeding.

The components are separated using a vibrating plate, which enables the components to be separated in a targeted manner. This step ensures that each component is individually and optimally positioned for the subsequent inspection.

The components are then tested. Both mechanical tests and camera tests (optical quality control) can be carried out. As an option, the system can be equipped with artificial intelligence through deep learning to capture even more complex quality features.

Counting & classification:
The classification of the components depends on the test results. By integrating an intelligent counting system, not only qualitative but also quantitative information can be recorded.

After classification, the components are sorted into appropriate storage areas. This enables smooth further processing or sorting.

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Calculate your success: Return on Investment (ROI)

With our plant, we not only offer first-class quality and efficiency, but also a clear answer to the question of return on investment (ROI).

Example for single-shift use:

  • Investment in ADAM: € 150,000 (reference project)
  • Operating staff/year: € 60,000
  • ADAM maintenance costs/year: € 1,500
  • Return and investment (ROI) after 30 months
Diagram comparing the costs of using sorting and inspection systems with the personnel costs of manual sorting and inspection.

Areas of application for our
sorting and testing plants

Sorting and testing plants offer decisive advantages in a wide range of industries, for example in the following applications:

  • Incoming goods (e.g. raw parts)
  • Outgoing goods (e.g. assemblies)
  • Annual stock-taking
  • Quality control before complex manufacturing processes to avoid disruptions in the production flow and damage to the plant.
Nahaufnahme einer Sortieranlage und Prüfanlage mit einem RoboterarmFoto einer Sortieranlage und Prüfanlage.Innenansicht einer Sortieranlage und Prüfanlage mit RoboterarmPrüfstand für sortieren und prüfen von Kleinteilen

Check the prospects of success in advance:
proof of concept

Before resources are invested in the full implementation, all open questions should be resolved. We test the requirements (components) on our own plant in the AUTFORCE Testlab (Proof of Concept, POC).

Our team of experts has extensive experience and the necessary equipment to carry out feasibility studies. This gives you security. POCs help to identify challenges at an early stage and to make well-founded decisions.

Proof of concept for optical quality control of bulk goods

Your advantages

Minimized rejects


Regardless of whether you want to minimize rejects and claim costs, reduce personnel and time expenditure or avoid over- and under-deliveries – our solution helps you to reduce your costs.

Prevented failures


Our plant eliminates capacity-related downtime and counteracts the shortage of skilled workers. ADAM ensures reliable and consistent testing. In addition, the automated test sequence guarantees comparable and reproducible results.

Eliminate personal interpretation

Avoid perceptual errors

Human perception is subject to constant change, which leads to inconsistent results. In addition, personal interpretations are excluded by our standardized test procedures. There are clear and standardized test criteria that leave no room for subjective assessments.

Digitalization of the testing process with our test bench software autfactory

The seamless integration of our test bench software autfactory into your processes enables complete digitalization of your test sequences. This creates the basis for efficient traceability and the transition to paperless production.

Configuring instead of programming
. Thanks to our autfactory, the test sequence can be easily adapted without complex programming. The flexibility of our software enables a customized design of the testing process without the need for complex programming skills.

Comply with standards & industry specifications
Our solution ensures that you can easily comply with standards and industry requirements, ensuring smooth compliance with the obligation to provide evidence. With autfactory, you are ideally equipped to succeed in the digital future of your industry.

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Technical data of our sorting plants & testing plants

Size in mm LxWxH 1900 x 910 x 1900
Weight in kg without item350
Electrical connectionCEE plug 16A (three-phase, 400V, 16A, 5-pin)
SecurityLight grid, SIDOOR, lockable maintenance door

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