Testing Systems

Electrotechnical tests

Electric cars have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Inverters play an important role in the functionality of e-cars. They ensure that the direct current from the battery is converted into alternating current to drive the electric motor.

As experts in the control of complex testing stations in the automotive sector, we can optimally support you in the implementation of your inverter testing station.

Inverter testing EOL

Vision Inspection

To check the visible quality features of a product, the test method of Automatic Optical Inspection, AOI for short, is especially suitable. With the help of image processing systems, errors in production are found and reported.

Physical tests

Identify leaks of your components and ensure the quality of your production! With our AUTFORCE leak test CUBES, we support you in increasing the level of automation of your component testing to make your production even more efficient.

Leak testing station