3D Grid Box Pallet Control

Automated 3D container inspection

Quality inspections of products and production parts are essential in daily practice. But also transport containers, such as Euro grid boxes, must be checked for possible damages. With our automated inspection stations, we can help you to automatically detect deformations and damages on metal grid boxes with the help of a 3D sensor.

This is an important quality control, as it can ensure automated loading with robots. Collisions between robot and pallet cage are avoided by ejecting deformed pallet cages. In addition, the exchange criteria of EPAL / Euro grid boxes are checked.

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Test characteristics

The grid boxes are checked for deformation or damage of the following areas with the help of 3D sensors:

  • Attachment frame
  • Front wall flap
  • Floor frame and feet – Important to stack the boxes safely!
  • Bars

In addition to the EURO grid boxes, other containers can also be tested using the 3D method:

  • EURO pallets (logistics and intralogistics)
  • Plastic containers (e.g. textile logistics)
  • Cartons
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Test procedure

The grid box is moved on the roller conveyor at a speed of 0.15 m/s and is scanned by a 3D sensor. In order to avoid vibrations of the boxes, we use belt or chain conveyors instead of a conventional roller conveyor.

The front, top and back of the grid box are scanned with a scanner that is moved on a vertical axis. Seitlich There is also 1 scanner each on the left and right side. This layout keeps the entire scan unit very compact.

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Your advantages

Reduced space requirement

The optimized arrangement of the sensors greatly reduces the space required for the scanning unit.

Reliable measurement accuracy

Thanks to the 3 sensors, consistent measurement accuracy is guaranteed over the entire scanning range.

Increased process reliability

Defective grid boxes are removed before a crash can happen during automatic loading or unloading.

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