Multi Label Scanning

Multi-label scanning solutions for automated quality control

Multiscan applications take the quality control of your production to a new level. Basically, the goal is to automatically recognize as many barcodes as possible in a very short time. This means that time-consuming individual work steps can be massively shortened. Also manual final inspections can be replaced by automated processes. Possible areas of application are:

  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Control of whole product batches
  • Control of pallet loading before delivery
  • etc.

Your advantages

Time saving

Automated multiscan applications lead to enormous time savings. Work steps are performed 20% faster compared to manual control.

100% process reliability

Manual final inspections by employees often result in errors. With our automated solution, we ensure seamless quality control without error rate.

Data tracing

The information from the scanned labels, such as batch, date of manufacture or best-before date, is stored in a digital product file with the help of our autfactory.

Reference projects