Pallet loading control using multi-label scanning solution

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Quality assurance within the production flow: a matter of course.
Our customer KWK went one step further and automated the final inspection of the loaded pallets.

The project

Quality assurance is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry, and our customer, Kunststoffwerke Kremsmünster GmbH (KWK), is well aware of this. As a specialist in the manufacture of capping and dosing systems for the pharmaceutical industry, KWK not only pays attention to perfect quality within the production flow. Also the final inspection of the loaded pallets should be automated in the future.

Even the best product is useless if it does not end up in the place where it is needed. Up to now, the pallets were controlled according to the four-eyes principle. Complaints, returns and delivery delays were the consequences. In a worst case scenario, the end customer may face difficulties within the production process.


  • Expanding the manual 4-eyes control by an automated pallet loading control via a multi-label scanning solution.
  • up to 40 cartons on the pallet are identified by the barcode via a scanner
  • completely self-sufficient system, no additional infrastructure required
  • 100% quality control


The most efficient solution was to use scanners to identify the cartons directly on the pallet. Thanks to the barcode, the cartons can be assigned to a unique order number. This ensures that there are only cartons on the pallet that actually belong to the respective order.

Thanks to this solution, we did not have to disturb the ongoing production process. The pallet scanning system operates completely independently.

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In the first step, the pallet is loaded by the employees. Afterwards, the packages are scanned manually using a hand-held scanner. In addition, the target number of cartons is registered via the touch monitor.

After that, the loaded pallet is rotated 360° by the wrapping machine. In this step, all barcodes are scanned automatically. The data is transferred to an operating panel with touch monitor and compared with the input values. If a green light appears on the signal lamp, the pallet is loaded correctly.

In the last step, the pallet is wrapped and marked with an appropriate label.

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Your advantages at a glance

100% quality assurance

Compared to the 4-eyes principle, 100% quality assurance can be guaranteed with the multilabel scanning solution.

Autonomous system

The pallet scanning system is completely independent and requires no additional infrastructure. This also meant that there was no need to disturb the ongoing production process.

Competitive advantage through safety

The pharmaceutical industry is extremely demanding. Preventive quality assurance activities create a significant competitive advantage.

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