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Automate quality inspection

All from a single source. Let’s implement your next project together. From inverter test benches to leak test systems and vision inspection solutions. Whether as a manual workstation, cobot inspection station or rotary indexing table. Together we will find the best solution to automate your quality inspection.

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Digitalize production

With our test bench software autfactory, we offer a complete solution for the successful digitalization and optimization of your production. Collect and visualize data, communicate and control or change program sequences – no problem with our autfactory!

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Your success is our goal. At AUTFORCE, we want to support European manufacturing companies as a reliable partner in ensuring the high quality of their products.

As a specialist for testing systems & industrial software in the manufacturing industry, we ensure high-quality products and efficient manufacturing processes.

Develop efficiently.
Produce profitably.

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In-depth PLC know-how

Our roots lie in the field of PLC programming. As a certified Siemens Solution Partner and Beckhoff Solution Provider, we are at your side as a competent partner. Benefit from our interface expertise and our practical function modules for connecting a wide range of measuring devices.

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In-house software for test data acquisition

With the autfactory test bench software, we offer a complete solution for the successful digitalization and optimization of your production.

  • Capture & visualise data
  • Communicate & intervene in a controlling way
  • Change programme sequences
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In-house machine vision competence

With our experienced team, we can provide you with the best possible support in all areas of industrial image processing. Whether container inspection, multi-label scanning or more – we will find the best solution for your inspection requirements.

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Everything from one source

From mechanical design and PLC programming to assembly and the appropriate test bench software: as a full-service provider on the shopfloor, we offer you all services from a single source. Only one partner for the smooth realization of your project.

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You have come to the right place if …

  • you are a production company that performs unit tests or sampling inspections.
  • you have high quality requirements (zero-defect strategy) regarding your production. Be it through industry specifications, customer specifications or legal requirements.
  • you produce with complex manufacturing processes.
  • You produce expensive products that are difficult to rework.
  • you want to introduce new products or optimise the quality of existing products.
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Reasons for introducing an automated quality inspection


The investment in automating your quality control will quickly pay for itself. You save:

  • Reject costs
  • Reclamation costs
  • Staff costs
  • Time


The productivity of your quality control will increase many fold with an automated solution. Increase your cycle times with the help of:

  • In-line solutions
  • Robot cells
  • collaborative testing stations (cobots)

Perceptual errors

Human perception varies from person to person. The question of what is still “good” and what is not depends on the experience and interpretation of the examiner and leads to inconsistent results.


The automated test procedures always follow the same pattern, nothing is forgotten. This creates comparable and reproducible results.

Digitization of the
Testing processes

In order to comply with standards or industry specifications, it is becoming increasingly common to require proof of compliance. We rely on paperless production. Thanks to the digital component file of our autfactory testing station software, you can effortlessly track and evaluate all test data.


Counteract absences due to illness or capacity. Automated quality inspections relieve your specialists of monotonous work.