Inverter Testing EOL


Inverter Testing EOL

Inverter – a device that plays an important role, especially in electromobility: The conversion of DC voltage into 3-phase AC voltage in order to control the speed and torque of electric motors.

In order to check the proper functionality before further assembly, we have developed an efficient solution. We can already look back on successfully implemented projects in automotive engineering.

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Overview function test inverter

The basic task of the function test is to imitate an electric vehicle in order to be able to test the inverter under conditions that are as real as possible. This includes the DC source (battery) as well as the emulated motor windings. Thanks to our CUBES, a CE-compliant, safety-related enclosure without conventional protective fencing is guaranteed.

Overview function test inverter

Over 20 years of experience

Shopfloor experts

  • Many years of experience in the mechanical and electrical construction of test equipment for winding goods and power electronics.
  • Full-service provider for industrial image processing, laser marking, insulation measurement and automated component handling with robots or transfer systems.

autfactory AMIT

Test bench control system

  • Experts in the field of complex test benches in the automotive sector.
  • Advanced know-how in the field of device communication as well as residual bus simulation via CAN, LIN or FlexRay.
  • Flexible test sequences and detailed test data acquisition.

Energy recovery via

Active-Load Emulator.

  • Close cooperation with partner AVL SET.
  • Emulation of the motor windings at highest level.
  • Energy recovery and rectification for the feed on the DC side – resulting in significantly lower operating costs of the test bench due to maximum energy efficiency.
EOL inverter

autfactory AMIT

In combination with our autfactory AMIT (Automated Modular Inverter Testing) software, you also benefit from a central control of the complete test bench. Each measurement result is recorded in the database and can be easily accessed in the form of a report. The transparent visualization of all test bench parameters helps you to keep an eye on your production and to make future-oriented decisions.

Your benefits

Increase energy efficiency

Thanks to the sophisticated energy recovery system, the operating costs of the test bench (total cost of ownership) are optimized.

Reliable partner

Trust the experts. We can look back on 20 years of experience with complex assembly lines and test benches in the automotive sector.

Increase flexibility

Our test bench control system autfactory allows you to create your own test sequences without any programming knowledge.

Everything from one source

One contact for all your concerns. From the conception of the plant to complete acceptance.

Inverter test bench (EOL) with transfer system

A possible implementation of your inverter test bench could look like this:

  1. Dielectric strength and insulation resistance test
  2. Inverter function test
  3. Laser marking for component identification

In this project, the component transport was implemented via a transfer system. The entire test stand can also be set up as a robotic cell instead. Individual stations, such as the function test, can also be duplicated to cover a higher production volume.

The complete implementation is provided from a single source: mechanical design, mechanical construction, risk analysis, electrical planning, control cabinet construction, electrical installation, plc programming, shopfloor software and hardware. Are you interested? Let’s talk!

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