Successful certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

After three successful years since the first certification according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, AUTFORCE was recertified in August 2018 in line with the latest revision ISO 9001:2015. In order to achieve our quality goals, an integrated risk management system was introduced, and the handling of organizational knowledge was honed.

Ongoing improvement
However, quality management is not a one-off, but an evolving system. Despite passing the certification, we will not be resting on our laurels. Ongoing adaptation, documentation and improvement of our processes is one of our highest priorities, enabling us to meet your quality standards and the standards we set ourselves in the future!

Siemens Solution Partner

As an international company with a high reputation, Siemens works exclusively with the best in the industry and ensures the quality of its certificate holders through regular quality checks Only if a company offers outstanding, regularly developed and verified competence and quality is it included in the small group of certified Siemens solution providers. Since 2003 Autforce Automation has been one of the few Austrian companies to be a certified Siemens Solution Partner. This coveted quality award enables us to offer a number of unique advantages to our customers. You will find more information here.

Beckhoff Solution Provider

As an authorized Beckhoff Solution Provider, we have expanded our existing control system portfolio and can thus respond even more effectively to your needs. As a company with a global reputation, Beckhoff offers comprehensive solutions in all areas of automation. We work in close cooperation with Beckhoff as a solution provider and thus have the expertise required to find the optimal solution for your project. Through ongoing training of our employees, we are always up-to-date and fully aware of the latest technological developments at Beckhoff.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Simply achieve more with the best partners. Since January 18, 2021 we have been proud to call ourselves a premium partner of Microsoft. For us, this partnership is something very special, since the award is given only to those whose competence meets the high standards of Microsoft. Always with our finger on the technological pulse, we aim to ensure faster and more efficient implementation of your projects. As the certification has to be renewed continually, our employees always stay up-to-date with the latest technology and can support you even better with the skills they acquire.