Test field automation

Test field automation: Increased efficiency through central monitoring

Test bay automation revolutionizes the operation of multiple test bays with a central dashboard that ensures transparency and efficiency. autfactory not only offers efficient monitoring, but also creates the basis for preventive maintenance and optimized testing processes. Maximum control, minimum downtime.

Your benefits

  • Real-time monitoring: Receive real-time information on each test stand to be able to react proactively to changes.
  • Increased efficiency: Thanks to central control and monitoring, resources can be used optimally and downtimes minimized.
  • Precise planning: The integration of remaining time information and operating hours counters supports precise planning of maintenance work and optimization of test cycles.
  • Quick error identification: Error messages are displayed immediately on the dashboard, allowing problems to be identified and rectified quickly.

Everything at a glance: Multiple test benches on one dashboard

The simultaneous display of several test benches on a clearly arranged dashboard not only simplifies the status monitoring of all test benches, but also enables quick access to important information. The immediate detection of deviations or problems enables a rapid response and thus the avoidance of downtimes and breakdowns.

Custom Dashboards
You can easily customize the dashboard of your autfactory to suit your needs. With the help of widgets, you can easily edit your personal overview page using drag & drop and display the evaluations or KPIs that are most important to you. This allows you to keep an eye on the performance of your production at all times and obtain quick information on the current status of each individual production line. The settings are saved per user, allowing each user to customize the interface according to their personal requirements.

Your benefits:

  • coherent overview of all data
  • Immediate detection of trends or deviations
  • Real Time Data: Data access in real time
  • Easily customizable via drag & drop
  • Authorization management

Status, operating status & operating hours counter

A glance at the dashboard provides immediate information on the current status and operating status of each test stand. Deviations in cycle times or faults at the station are identified immediately thanks to colored markings. In this way, you always have an overview of the overall status of your plants.

The integration of remaining time information not only makes the progress of ongoing tests clear, but also enables precise planning of maintenance work and new test cycles.

Your benefits:

  • Customized presentation of the UI interface – we realize your wishes!
  • Record comprehensive plant status at a glance
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks and failures at an early stage
  • Logbook for test bench maintenance: What work has been carried out?
  • Flexible configuration options for individual customization

Alarms, warnings, error messages

autfactory informs users about deviations from the normal status via the notification system. This innovative feature helps you to make the right decisions quickly in critical situations and thus avoid production losses and plant downtimes.

Your benefits:

  • Preventing test bench failures: The notification system helps you to identify deviations at an early stage in order to take proactive measures and prevent costly downtimes.
  • Recognize causes of errors: By historically recording all alarms, you can identify the causes of faults and initiate targeted troubleshooting measures.
  • Free configuration of alarms requiring acknowledgement: Customize the configuration of alarms requiring acknowledgement according to your needs and thus optimize alarm handling.
  • Recording of notifications (logging): Recording all notifications enables complete documentation and serves as a basis for further analysis and improvements.
  • E-mail notification: Receive important messages directly by e-mail and react promptly to critical events to maximize system availability.

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