Camera inspection of single bobbins with multilabel scanning solution

AUTFORCE inspection and testing stations

Capture up to 120 individual bobbins in just one second?
No problem thanks to multilabel scanning!

The project

For our customer we were allowed to implement a camera inspection system for the inspection of single bobbins. Bobbins are rolls of paper that are wound on a core. These are marked with barcodes and are scanned by 14 cameras at a camera inspection station. The image processing software evaluates the resulting images and classifies the barcode according to predefined criteria. The test station is a huge time saver for our customer. Previously, the robot had to move to the position with each picked-up part individually to check whether the correct number of bobbins had been picked up.


  • A stack of approx. 120 bobbins can be photographed within one second
  • Analysis of the stack within 5 seconds
  • Diameter of the bobbins: 450 – 600 mm
  • Inspection performance: 8,000,000 barcodes per year


A stack of approximately 120 individual bobbins is carried to the transfer station via a transfer system. When reaching this position, they are picked up by a 6-axis robot. It positions the bobbins at a defined distance from the camera test frame. The camera system will now read the barcodes on the bobbins. In the final step, the bobbins are stacked on a transport pallet with the help of a robot.

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Your advantages at a glance

Huge time saving

Thanks to the 14 cameras, it is possible to identify up to 120 bobbins in just one second.

High good-read rate

The implemented multi-label scanning system offers our customer a go-read rate of 99.99%.

Data tracing

The collected data are stored and can be evaluated at the push of a button.

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