Automatic optical inspection of printed circuit boards

An automatic optical inspection system (AOI) has been developed to check the placement of printed circuit boards, which detects a wide range of characteristics.

  • Tombstoning
  • Tin splash on component
  • Components not present, twisted, etc.
  • Check for bent pins (pin spacing min. 0.4mm)
  • Color coding on components


  • max. width of 460 mm
  • smallest component 02-01 -> 0.6×0.3mm
  • Interface between individual devices: SMEMA
  • Stand-alone or inline possible

The 3D model creation is performed by data acquisition of a golden sample, which must be manually controlled by an employee beforehand. If the golden sample is considered good, a 3D point cloud is recorded and a 3D CAD model is created. Also, a 2D line scan camera is used to capture a color image of the printed circuit board. Based on this color image, the inspection criteria are selected in the software.

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