Fully automated blowhole inspection

Multi-level image evaluation and coding

Quality assurance with multilevel image evaluation and coding!

are small shrinkage cavities that usually occur when hot steel cools down and solidifies. The fewer inherent shrinkage cavities, the better the quality of the cast product. Cast steel components have to meet the highest requirements as to quality and longevity. Blowholes can pose a serious threat to a component’s functionality; therefore affected parts must be sorted out during final inspection.

An Austrian producer of cast aluminium components was confronted with the above mentioned problem. Thanks to the successful cooperation with both AUTFORCE Vision Systems GmbH and AUTFORCE Automations GmbH it was possible to solve this problem to the customer’s ultimate satisfaction by deploying industrial cameras for multi-level image evaluation and codification.


The advantages of our modular testing stations have become especially noticeable in this project. In the spirit of sustainability, two work steps are carried out in just one CUBE. This not only saves material and money, but also minimizes the space required for the work processes.


  • Marking and testing station with laser suction and tray deposit
  • Locking and visual control included
  • Laser-tight safety door – it is not necessary to wear safety goggles
  • Camera inspection of dimensional accuracy can be added at any time
  • Cycle time: 20 seconds
  • Ergonomic design – optimally suited as a seated workstation
  • Two operations in one CUBE
  • Including data acquisition and tracing with our MES autfactory
  • Operator guidance and information via an industry-standard screen (rework instructions, key figures, measured values)

Economic efficiency

Increased efficiency is achieved due to the low manual handling.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is carried out by testing in compliance with the measurement accuracy and code validation according to AIM DPM and ISO15415: perfect durability of the marking is achieved by direct marking with the laser.

Process reliability

Reproducible processes increase process reliability.


The complete documentation of all process steps and results ensure product traceability in the production process and throughout the entire product life cycle.

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