Optical weld seam inspection & weld seam testing

Optical 360° completeness check of weld seams & spot welds

Would you like to test your weld seams / spot welds automatically?

We can also support you with solutions for the optical inspection of weld seams.

Test sequence:
The component is placed in the test station and the optical 360° weld seam test is started. The test is performed using a 3D triangulation method. Once the visual weld seam inspection has been completed, a data matrix code is applied to the component using the laser marking unit. If the result is NOK, plain text is applied. After applying the DMC, the quality of the code is checked with the codereader unit. (According to the standard ISO29158 AIM DPM)


  • 360° inspection of the weld seam for completeness by using a 3D line laser scaner.
  • Checked are: Width, height, maximum length at defects such as undercurvatures, overcurvatures, edge notches, splashes, ejections, etc.
  • Manual or automatic loading and unloading
  • 3D marking (oblique surface) and verification of marking quality based on ISO29158 AIM DPM standard via code reader
Rendering concept for inspecting weld seams - this is how non-destructive weld seam testing works
Weld seam testing in the AUTFORCE CUBE test platform
Rendering concept for automated, visual inspection of weld seams - bird's eye view

Non-destructive testing of weld seams

In the field of welding technology, there are a variety of test methods that are used to assess the quality of weld seams. In principle, a distinction is made between destructive and non-destructive tests. In the course of destructive testing, a sample of the weld metal is taken to examine its quality. However, this method is time-consuming and can compromise the integrity of the component.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of industrial image processing, we can offer you automated solutions in the field of non-destructive visual inspection. This type of test is not only very accurate, but also fast and efficient, as it enables immediate feedback without delay.

Advantages of automated visual inspections of weld seams

Higher accuracy

Automated visual inspections of weld seams are more accurate than manual inspections. By using cameras and image processing systems, even small defects or faults in weld seams can be detected quickly and precisely.

Cost savings

You can save time and money by automating your weld seam inspection. Our solutions are fast and efficient, resulting in lower costs and less waste. Check your weld seams easily and automatically!

Increased efficiency

Our lean and efficient solutions make it possible to increase the cycle time of the tests, which in turn leads to an increase in production capacity. This is particularly advantageous for large production volumes.

Do you also need a solution in the field of optical quality control?

At AUTFORCE, we specialize in test systems & test bench software. Get in touch with us. Together we will find the best solution for your project!

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