Camera inspection station with collaborative robot (cobot)

AUTFORCE inspection and testing stations

For our customer we were allowed to build a compact
testing station including a swivel unit.

The project

The testing station is used for optical quality control of gearboxes with the help of robot-guided camera testing. Thanks to the use of a collaborative robot (cobot), it was possible to avoid additional protective equipment such as light grids or safety fences. The inspection of the gearbox includes checking the DMC code, the balancing holes, the inspection oft the housing for cracks and chipping, and measuring the excess length of the rubber bearings. Surface control is performed using deep learning functionality.


  • reliable quality inspection using vision solution
  • relieving employees of monotonous work
  • Flexible system: New tests or processes can be easily configured by the user.
  • automated testing process with deep learning function
  • data recording and tracing with autfactory
  • small installation area and low surface load
  • easy accessibility to all processes and measuring devices
  • easy handling and maintenance

Reliable quality assurance

Thanks to the compact, ergonomic design, the available space was used in the best possible way.

Flexible system

New checks or processes can be configured by the user without much effort.

No additional protection installations

The use of a collaborative robot eliminates the need for additional protective equipment such as light curtains or safety fences.

Minimize errors

Seamless quality assurance by using camera inspection minimizes the error rate of your production.

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