Development of AUTFORCE CUBES & move to new headquarters


With expertise based on 20 years of experience in the automation of test processes and working with established partners, we have developed our AUTFORCE CUBES modular test systems. These consist of a substructure with a modular superstructure, which can vary depending on the application. In other words: one cube, many applications! In combination with our autfactory MES, it is also possible to provide data tracking down to a batch size of 1 and to display it in a visually appealing and uncomplicated way. Changes in the test process can also be made easily and with no programming knowledge.

In order to guarantee our customers optimal service in the areas of software, testing and inspection systems, we had to construct our own building and assembly hall. From our new location in Lebring, we are now able to support you even more quickly and efficiently on site.


With the establishment of AUTFORCE Vision Systems GmbH in Lienz, a major step was taken towards industrial image processing, identification and laser marking.

Our partners appreciate the innovative services of the “think tank”. With the addition of the Mechanical Design department all the disciplines of modern automation are covered. Our all-round support means that our customers can make a saving of 15 percent simply through the level of coordination we offer and this development has led to the emergence of new business areas, such as mechanical engineering.

Commitment to internal development

Commitment to internal


Progress and innovation are also gaining more and more attention in industry. In the past this has increased development requirements, to which we have responded effectively by setting up our own R&D. Our Academy department has also created a win-win situation for our customers and our company. The Academy delivers high-quality training for employees, which in turn ensures that customer projects can be implemented extremely efficiently, as training of external employees creates an enormous knowledge advantage for the customer on site. The portfolio is rounded off by the Switchgear and Installation departments, allowing us to operate as a genuine all-round service provider from 2013.


With the Engineering department established in 2004, we were able to offer a highly sophisticated level of electrical planning. One year later, the Industrial IT department initiated and developed our expertise in the field of high-level language programming.

There is much more to Industrial IT than just IT services. We are also involved in the field of IT product development and with our autfactory MES we have set the course for progress and innovation. In the same year, we were also able to achieve initial success with our software solution and recorded a high level of demand. With PLC, we laid the foundation for the company in the field of software programming. In 2007 we expanded by setting up the Robotic department, and cooperation with reputable manufacturers such as ABB, Stäubli and KUKA soon followed.

Development of our autfactory MES

Experts in the field of PLC programming


Die Geschichte von AUTFORCE beginnt im Jahr 2000, als der heutige Geschäftsführer Oliver Hohnhold gemeinsam mit DI (FH) Christian Herzog das Unternehmen gegründet hat. Mit den ersten beiden Fachbereichen PLC und project konnte der erste große Kunde an Land gezogen werden, die Einstellung weiterer Mitarbeiter war die Folge.

Our company responded to the needs of customers and provided HMIs for optimal visualization of systems. Standards that saved customers time and money and improved quality were introduced through Siemens Step7 programming. Speaking of quality: we are certified as one of the few Austrian Siemens Solution Partners and we continue to be a byword for outstanding, proven professionalism.