Test platform CUBE


AUTFORCE inspection and testing stations

The AUTFORCE CUBE is a modular system consisting of a base frame, a protective enclosure and an interchangeable process plate. Thanks to the modular design, the CUBES can be expanded as required. Our CUBES can be delivered as a stand-alone system or integrated into a fully automatic or semi-automatic process. In combination with our autfactory MES, data tracking down to a batch size of 1 is also possible.

Numerous applications


Laser marking
Needle embossing

Camera checks



Electrotechnical tests
ECU communication

Leak testing

using ATEQ leak testers

Filling with

oil, etc.


Laser welding
Ultrasonic welding

Tried and tested in a wide variety of


  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Electronics
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Everything at a glance

The benefits to you

  • flexible & sustainable
  • quick & easy changeover
  • full MES integration possible
  • changes in the test procedure can be made with no programming knowledge
  • spatial separation of complex tests
  • many applications with just one cube
  • Individual coloring
  • ergonomic design (standing workstation & seated workstation)

individually or in combination

inline or stand-alone

  • available as a stand-alone system, or integrated into a fully automatic or semi-automatic process

Process control & data evaluation with autfactory

The “brain” of the CUBES is our autfactory MES (Manufacturing Execution System). This makes it possible to return the test results directly to the production system. Complete traceability of all production data is also provided by autfactory.

Additional benefits:

  • minimization of rejects by means of early detection of trends.
  • widget-based user interface – adjustments possible with just a few clicks
  • changes in the test sequence are easy to configure – with no programming knowledge!
  • evaluations & reports can be designed and adapted flexibly

AUTFORCE CUBE as an empty housing

Our modular inspection and testing stations are also available as empty housings and can be optimally adapted to your needs. The modular system consists of a reusable base, a process plate and an optional protective enclosure.

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The base is the basic frame of all CUBES. The removable panel makes it possible to transport the entire CUBE easily using a forklift or pallet truck. There is an ergonomically adapted front for activities that are carried out in a seated position.


The protective housing of the CUBES has a manual or automatic lift door and can also be replaced by a light grid as required. The slanted viewing window enables comfortable working.

Process Unit

A decisive advantage of the CUBES is the variable process plate. Depending on the application, this can be exchanged in just a few steps and without special tools.


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