Multi-stage testing process

AUTFORCE inspection and testing stations

We were able to implement no less than 3 CUBES for laser marking & DMC verification,
leak testing and electrotechnical testing for our customer.

The project

For our customer we were allowed to implement a multi-stage inspection process with the help of our AUTFORCE CUBES. Two different product types are tested in a cycle time of 60 seconds. The stations are operated manually. A special feature is the double-secured NIO reject via light grid and scan interrogation.


  • Laser marking and DMC verification: By marking with a unique and verified DMC, the components can be reliably identified in the subsequent stations and all result data can be stored for this unique DMC.
  • Leak testwith ATEQ leak tester
  • Geometry testing: The tests are performed using a 3D optical laser measurement system.
  • Electrotechnical testsfor resistance, inductance, high voltage, etc.


A first final test area was realized with our CUBES. The component to be tested is a product with low quantities but high quality requirements. Should the number of pieces increase, it is possible to automate the handling.


With our autfactory, the traceability of data can be guaranteed down to batch size 1. A unique number is generated for the previously anonymous components. Using this number, it is possible to trace the component.

Quality assurance

With the unique component number, it is also possible for our customer to display the component data from several stations collected on one data sheet. These can now be easily analyzed to derive quality assurance measures.

Elimination of error sources

By using visualized work instructions, the worker is guided through the various work steps. Thus, possible sources of error can be avoided and a high quality standard can be ensured.

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