Proof of concept: Optical relay inspection

Playing it safe: We were asked to carry out a proof-of-concept study for the optical inspection of relays for our customer.

The aim of the study was to determine whether the required inspection features can be reliably detected using a camera system (industrial image processing). The experimental set-up allowed potential problems or difficulties to be identified and resolved in advance. As a result, our customer can be sure that the planned investment in an automated quality control system will pay off.

the identity

It was noted in the test setup that the labeling or imprinting of the type can be segmented and checked very well. Contrast improvements may still be possible here by using different wavelengths of light.

Coil bobbin

Damage to the coil bobbin can also be detected and evaluated very cleanly in the defined area due to the high contrast.

crooked / bent
anchor spring

Due to the high contrast and clean edges, even skewed or bent anchor springs can be clearly detected.

the level of tinning

In addition, the level of tinning was inspected. This must be at least 0.5 mm above the contact area, and is very easy to see.

of the cap

The distances between the upper and lower parts are very easy to see. The resolution of the camera could possibly be adjusted if the tolerances or measured values are very low.

Further information on feasibility studies & testing concepts

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