Two function modules are available for the two connection modules ASM450 and ASM470. The advantage of these modules over the Siemens® original modules is that they are easier to use.

Order management

The individual commands are controlled exclusively via Boolean variables. The address ranges are set statically or variably in the data module beforehand.

  • Time savings in read-write operations
  • Reading and writing via the same address data
  • Unlimited number of orders
  • Very easy to use
  • Automatic scanning

Automatic scanning of both channels to see if an MDS is in the reception area. The multiplex time can be set as required.


Unlimited data length

The entire data of the MDS can be read or written with one command.

Channel-specific error evaluation

  • A command abort is not output as an error
  • Error B#16#FE if no reset is possible
  • Error B#16#FF if there is no MDS


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