Testing of electromechanical roll control (ERC)

Precise testing of electromechanical roll control (ERC).

The project

The existing stations of our customer ZF Lemförder Achssysteme Ges.m.b.H. do not achieve the desired cycle time for the current testing requirements. The reasons for this are the high capacity utilization due to the long test time as well as the amount of tests that are carried out and the teach-in of the test object. In order to solve these problems, we were commissioned to integrate additional test benches into the existing production flow and thus achieve an increase in productivity.


  • Variants: 6 variants + 3 more in prospect
  • Loading: manual loading using a lifting aid
  • Data tracking: via DMC on the component


Once the component has been inserted, it is contacted both electrically and mechanically. In the next step, the component is tensioned and communication with the component is established. Numerous tests are then carried out with active control of the component. The tests are carried out under almost real conditions. For this purpose, the component is tensioned on a test bed that enables tests as high as 2000NM. Load friction, rigidity, teach-in and validation of the torque sensor, structure-borne noise testing, functional safety and efficiency are tested. In addition, all physical variables (current, voltage, force) are measured. The individual stations are decoupled from each other, but linked data analysis is possible. This ensures a constant overview of all test data.

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Your advantages at a glance


Our solution using configurable step chains offers more flexibility in the test sequence.

Space saving door protection concept

Thanks to our space saving door protection concept, we can guarantee the highest security standards.

Data tracing

The collected data are stored and can be evaluated at the push of a button. Furthermore, upstream and downstream stations can be integrated into the control of the production flow.

Easily movable

The plant can be easily adjusted thanks to the control cabinet that is directly integrated into the system.

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