Oil filling and final check incl. visualization

AUTFORCE inspection and testing stations

With the company Oberaigner Powertrain GmbH, another customer could now benefit
from our modular test stations, the AUTFORCE CUBES!

The project

The requirement of the company Oberaigner was to produce a testing station, which contains a visualized worker guidance. Furthermore, the filling quantity should be checked by weighing before and after filling. This is realized with a maximum measuring deviation of +/- 2.5% of the oil quantity. The individual work steps must be confirmed by the operator using the pushbutton. This ensures that all work instructions displayed on the screen are followed by the operators.


  • reading the barcode via bluetooth scanner
  • leak test using an ATEQ device
  • oil filling with 5 different types of oil
  • vacuuming of the aggregates before filling for faster oil filling
  • Before and after oil filling, the aggregates are weighed to determine the exact filling quantity.
  • engraving of the test specimen with free setting of different nameplate shapes with SIC hand embosser


With our MES autfactory, the traceability of data down to batch size 1 can be guaranteed. This ensures that only perfectly manufactured products leave our customer’s factory.

Optimized processes

Vacuuming in advance speeds up the process of oil filling.

shortening of the setup processes

Thanks to the exchangeable workpiece carrier and the quick adapter, the time required for setup operations during a type change has been significantly minimized.

Elimination of error sources

By using visualized work instructions, the worker is guided through the various work steps. Thus, possible sources of error can be avoided and a high quality standard can be ensured.

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