Unplanned downtimes, poor energy efficiency, high maintenance costs, etc. – when aging machines and systems cause problems, the key question for you as a plant operator is: should we invest in new equipment or should the existing system be updated to the state of the art? In order to make precisely this decision a little easier for you, we have been working intensively in the area of retrofitting and can now give you a brief overview of the topic.

Retrofitting comes highly recommended for older production machines in particular. On the one hand, this is because the costs of retrofitting are usually between 20 and 60 percent of those for purchasing a new machine, on the other, because the lead times for a new machine are often very long. Our technology and industry expertise makes us the perfect partner for your retrofitting project. From comprehensive advice through to punctual execution.


Six steps to a modernized plant


Initial consultation

Step 1

With us you have found a competent and experienced partner for modernization of your production plant. We would be delighted to get to know you and your company in a one-to-one meeting, completely free of charge and without obligation. Whether you are looking for complete modernization of your system or just replacement of individual components – we will find the right solution, tailored precisely to your company!

Step 2

After defining the task and carrying out a detailed analysis of the existing systems, we will work with you to draw up the specification requirements. The specifications are the basis for the subsequent work and form the basis for the tendering process.

Specifications & concept meeting


Step 3

Following a careful assessment of the current situation, we then make detailed plans for implementing your new system. Ongoing coordination of the schedule ensures a smooth retrofit.

Step 4

An important factor for successful commissioning is ongoing pre-testing. In order to minimize the number of errors at the start of production, in-house test setups are created. This ensures that we are as close as possible to achieving the solution you want as soon as we start up the system for the first time, thus delivering ideal results on time for the start of production.



Step 5

Commissioning is planned and carried out in coordination with you in such a way that production is not jeopardized and downtimes are kept to a minimum. As a flexible and therefore readily accessible partner, we provide comprehensive support for project management, engineering, and programming all under one roof.

Step 6

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Following successful startup of the modernized systems and conclusion of initial startup operations, we will provide you with extensive documentation. Our after-sales support is always available to you after project completion, whether it’s for technological support, communication or training courses.


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